Twitch Stream Channel Points
1 day ago

- Commands -

!redeem hello
- say hello and have a fancy alert on stream

!redeem VIP
- get vip

!redeem SMP
- get access to my special viewer smp

!redeem jumpscare
- plays a really loud sound that will scare AJ


Now Streaming on Twitch!
3 days ago

Now Streaming on Twitch!


I will no longer be streaming to YouTube. My account is AJ_AvocadoYT on twitch! Join the discord for future information about streaming https://discord.gg/BXyr74YV72

LemonCube Update Log 0.0.1
5 days ago

- Added Economy Survival

- Added Ender Pack

- Added Aspect Of The End

- Added Ender Helmet

- Added Ender Chestplate

- Added Ender Pants

- Added Ender Boots

- Added StarWars Pack
- Added Green Lightsaber
- Added Red Lightsaber
- Added Purple Lightsaber
- Added Blue...

LemonCube Update 0.0.1
5 days ago

LemonCube Server Update 0.0.1

Public at 3PM CST

(Click here to preview)

Last to leave the circle event!
16 days ago

Last to leave the circle event!


Saturday, February 27, 2021, 3PM CST (Not your timezone? Click

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